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Non-Profits Deserve the Best.

Your non-profit organization has a worthwhile mission and needs to communicate it effectively. While expenses are definitely a concern, you can make sure you’re presenting your organization and its mission with eye-catching design and well-written, creative messages without breaking the bank. To show our appreciation for your organization’s work, we offer you free services on your first project and lower rates for non-profits. We also offer free web hosting for non-profits*.

Take advantage of our expertise and experience to promote your next fundraising campaign or event. An event-specific logo and look, along with a strong call to action can greatly increase your donations and encourage more volunteer efforts. Remember, when your image is strong and stable, your organization looks like it is, too. Your donors will feel sure their money is going toward a cause that will still be here tomorrow.

*Free hosting applies to shared hosting accounts. Additional charges may apply. SSL certificates additional.

As a non-profit, you can benefit from our brand. Your budget is your best friend as a non-profit, and we’ve tailored this brand to your needs. You will know exactly what you’re getting with an exact price––no strings attached or hidden fees… not to mention a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And, remember, your first project with us is always free!

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