Noteworthy Creative Group

We are a creative group of professionals who specialize in marketing, graphic and web design. Our cornerstone has been to foster honest, long-term relationships with our clients. From there, we have developed our products and services to directly impact our clients’ revenue, enacting the most relevant channels to expose their brands. At Noteworthy Creative, we value the experiences awarded to us which have shaped us as experts and as a company. We are dedicated to upholding our values in an ever-changing world of technology.




/ Chief of Everything

As the Owner of Noteworthy Creative Group, and the mind behind what goes on in our office everyday, Devan embodies our mission and passion; Creative, friendly, flexible and goal-driven. Making her the go-to for businesses who have too few, too many or absolutely no marketing ideas, Devan’s enthusiasm rubs on off on her clients’ marketing while she applies responsible and innovative use of resources. Since 2002, she has advised and managed marketing campaigns from as small as business cards and corporate identity to tv commercial production and a congressional campaign.


/ Swiss Army Knife of Design

Kiley was hired for a full time position after we interviewed her for a part-time job. That’s how good she is.

Kiley received her Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications from Ohio University, specializing in Publication Design and Informational Graphics. (Don’t get that confused with Ohio State or she’ll quickly correct you.) Kiley’s value to the company lies in the fact that she’s great at handling several things at once. She has heart in about every project she touches, loves each of our clients and their businesses, and you’ll always find her smiling.


We exist upon the realization that anyone can “design,” and with the tools available today, that literally means anyone, but that sometimes bad design and marketing choices are worse than no marketing at all. That $1/month website, or $39 logo might be costing your business more than you realize…but we’re actually here to tell you that sometimes it might be the right choice! You can trust Noteworthy Creative for honest and level-headed marketing advice, honest conversations about where to spend, or not spend, your sometimes slim marketing budget. And in all honesty, the majority of our clients don’t have anything set aside as a budget at all.

On the flip side, Noteworthy is trusted time and time again with full scale brand launches, large political campaigns and multi-year marketing efforts. We manage and participate in brainstorming, budgeting, concepts, graphics creation, ad placement, media placement, media production (video, radio, television commercials, etc), social media concept and manual posting, analytics, tracking, SEO, web design, online interactives, email campaigns and progress reporting. Large scale projects enjoy our diversity, all-in efforts, small team, ownership of their brand and mission, and creative payment plans.



Ryan Lindemier

/ The Chief of Everything Else



Hadley Slucher

/ The Missing Piece of Graphic Design



Jodi Barnett

/ The Swag Ambassador